4 Moons Travel invites you to vacation in Color in Curaçao

4 Moons Travel invites you to vacation in Color in Curaçao

Home to more than 35 captivating beaches, a diverse heritage spanning 55 different cultures – including Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese – picturesque European architecture, and a ‘Live and Let Live’ attitude, Curaçao remains an unrivaled tropical escape in the Southern Caribbean.

Just a hop, skip and a dir4 Moons Travelect flight from Charlotte, the tiny island only measures 172 square miles, but creates a lasting impression on everyone who visits. Unlike any other Caribbean island, Curaçao speaks to the curious explorer in us all. The island’s rugged terrain, combined with lush green-scenery and colorful Dutch-inspired architecture, provide the perfect backdrop for every type of traveler: the adventure seeker, the beach bum, the dive enthusiast, the history buff and, of course, the jetsetter!

The island’s traditions are rooted in centuries-old history, which come alive every year with vibrant costumes and pulsing music at the island’s popular festivals like the North Sea Jazz Festival. Now in its eight year, the annual celebration is taking place August 31-September 1 and features headliners Sean Paul and Jason Derulo.

A melting pot of cultures, Curaçao was first settled by the Spanish and later conquered by the Dutch. The island’s heritage blends 55 different nationalities, with most citizens speaking four or as more languages, including the local language, Papiamentu.

Curaçao’s eclectic cuisine is also not to be missed. Fresh seafood, savory starches and sweet fruits are a common thread, along with other island favorites like iguana (yes, iguana!) stobá, keshi yená and batidos.

With its ideal location on the fringes of the Hurricane Belt, Curaçao’s 35 cove-like beaches are saturated with year-round sunshine and pleasant 80-degree temperatures. Whether travelers prefer a day-trip to Klein (little) Curaçao to explore the uninhabited island and old lighthouse, or a trip to Playa Knip to lounge beneath a palapa, crystal clear blue waters and sandy, uncrowded beaches await. So what are you waiting for?

North Carolinians can easily travel to Curaçao with weekly non-stop routes on American Airlines, which operate every Saturday. In just four hours, travelers will find themselves amongst the cacti-covered landscape and ready for an ice-cold awa di lamunchi (lemonade) or Amstel Bright.

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