Art & Soul: Unique Local Products, Community, Excellent Customer Experience

Art & Soul: Unique Local Products, Community, Excellent Customer ExperienceArt & Soul Greensboro NC

By Gary Jacques
Art and Soul Owner Jenny Stickrath, originally from Greensboro, takes pride in offering unique items made by local artists at reasonable prices. Art and Soul, located at 2140 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, provides superb customer service, focusing on a variety of products.
Jenny travels around the country to discover upcoming artists and vendors for her customers to enjoy. She follows fashion trends by the season. The Las Vegas show is a great resource for apparel purchases. Many of the items are handmade in the USA. She always looks for unique things.
Jenny is currently working on finding local artisan gifts. Art and Soul was voted along with Fleet Plummer, as the #1 gift store in Guilford County.

From denim to wedding outfits, Jenny ensures that everyone will have a special shopping experience. Mothers can come in with their daughters. Both can shop at Art and Soul. Art and Soul is known for jeans, specialty sweaters and jackets, and jewelry. Jewelry by Amy, an artist in the Western United States, is featured.
Jenny enthuses: “We take pride in customer service that is lost in retail today. We walk the customer through the store. We try to offer a higher standard of customer service.”
Art and Soul Greensboro NC
Jenny constantly shops at local markets to gather new ideas for seasonal offerings. Local potters display their work. Art and Soul also carries some of Oprah’s favorite things.
Jenny’s shop has a spiritual section for the heart and soul. Meditation rocks, crystals, and their #1 seller – Indian Temple – are some of the featured items. Incense, reading materials, and poetry from Japan are also provided.

Jenny’s store carries a wide variety of wall art and kitchen towels. Tea towels handmade in the USA have motivational thoughts. There are gifts for kids and family, with books for learning, motivation, and inspiration.

Many Realtors shop at Art and Soul for themselves and their clients. Prints and specialty items such as artwork featuring ACC schools and Greensboro neighborhoods adds a local flavor to the homes. Art and Soul offers an array of unique cards and postcards.
Their motto is “Creative Urban Lifestyle”, emphasizing classes, jewelry, and the aesthetics. A holistic approach is encouraged at Art and Soul through future plans to offer yoga, meditation, and art classes.

Toffee to go and chocolates are popular gift ideas for men seeking the best present for the holidays.
An amazing Cow Milk line is coming.Art and Soul Greensboro NC Several perfumes and natural health products entice customers to buy and browse more at Art and Soul. Aroma therapy is an essential part of Art and Soul.

A great time to come visit Art and Soul will be during Holiday Market on Saturday, December 9 from 9 am – 3 pm. Over a dozen local artists will display a great mix of pieces available for purchase. Come have some hot cider and buy local.
Jenny wants customers to enjoy shopping at Art and Soul: “We want our customers to have a different feeling and experience.”

Art and Soul gives back to Greensboro through work with women’s groups and children’s organizations. Jenny enjoys the connection with customers, local artists, and being an active part of Greensboro.

Art and Soul is working on their website to bring an online buying experience for customers.
Hours are Monday – Thursday: 10 am – 7 pm; Friday and Saturday: 10 am – 7:30 pm; Sunday: 11:30 am – 6 pm.

Art and Soul at (336) 763-0438,,, or artandsoul_gso.