New to the Triad: Baby Bolo’z / A Taste of Cuba Terrific Cuban Food-Take Out With Care and Passion

Baby Bolo’z / A Taste of Cuba
“Takin U Beyond Da’ Heat”
Terrific Cuban Food-Take Out With Care and Passion

By Gary Jacques
Baby Bolo’z owner George Lopez is passionate when discussing his love for family, friends, and especially cooking Cuban food for customers. George has great pride for putting a smile on customer’s faces as they bite into made to order Cuban specialties. All ingredients are fresh and purchased locally. Lopez is a member of Goodness Grows, using everything grown in North Carolina. Shortly, George will have a presence at the Piedmont Farmer’s Market in Colfax on Sandy Ridge Road.

Lopez moved to North Carolina from New Jersey after visiting a friend in 2008. He grew up in Peterstown (The Burg), a suburb of Elizabeth, New Jersey. George’s first experience was at Barrone’s, an Italian Deli in Elizabeth. He was able to learn the craft of cooking and mixing ingredients. George felt the passion instantly.
He is 3 years at the Pinecroft Road location. George is an “everyman” in the sense that he decorated and constructed the Baby Bolo’z store and can fix or MacGyver just about anything. He is in the process of designing an inside mural of the Plaza De Las Americas in Havana, Cuba.
All of his signature creations are $2.50. Lopez keeps costs low as a one person operation and believes firmly in the personal touch, focusing on everyone’s taste for healthy food. Everything is cooked to order.  Nothing is fried nor does he cook with salt. For those who call ahead, he will do special orders during off hours, being available 24/6.
George learned to cook from his father, following him around the kitchen. He speaks fondly of his father’s positive influence as a role model. George’s Dad has dementia. He visits his father in a nursing home, bringing Cuban dishes lovingly prepared. George’s Dad’s smile drives his cooking passion.
George’s mother, who passed away from dementia, attended UNC Pembroke and often reflected on the beauty of North Carolina. Lopez also appreciates the scenery of our area.
Lopez is also a caregiver for his longtime friend Cheryl. They met at age 13. Cheryl is a cancer survivor and has multiple sclerosis. Cheryl and George state that the ingredients in his All Natural Baby Bolo’z  Cilantro Hot Sauce and Marinade (approved and licensed through the Department of Agriculture) helps contain inflammation and other symptoms, providing many other health benefits She is a vibrant soul and has a winning attitude that is inspiring.
George, 52, has led a diverse life. At age 22, he began taking cross country bus trips to learn and perfect his trade. He has lived and worked in several locations, including Beverly Hills, CA, Coral Gables, FL, New York, Ohio, Colorado Springs, Co, and New Jersey.
George has cooked for body builders, entertainment stars, and was an extra in a Rap Video with Ice T and Ice Cube for the movie Trespass. He’s competed in Strongman competitions and raced muscle cars.
Lopez served almost 10 years in prison. George cooked for inmates, wardens, and guards. Everyone who sampled his dishes knew that “magic” was being created.
George is the ultimate bounce back person. He has survived 30 injuries and 13 operations. A tiny pair of crutches hangs on the wall from when he was hit by a car the first time at age 7. George was recently using a walker. Through a mixture of his Baby Bolo’z sauce and Biofreeze plus the power of positive suggestion, he is healthier today.
Lopez started his business as a one person operation and has remained true to serving all.
Lopez gives back to the community, feeding the homeless. “Cook it and they will come.” He believes that no one should go hungry. His passion for helping others and sharing is obvious from the moment you walk into Baby Bolo’z.
Lopez is attempting to reach out to the Cuban community through the historical and cultural societies in Greensboro.
“You got to have love and passion (Cubans call it Sazon) that you can taste in the food”. The taste, the pleasant aroma and excellent Cuban coffee, combined with a winning smile, will make one come back to Baby Bolo’z often.
All generations eat at Baby Bolo’z. He is building a patio that will include outdoor seating in the spring.
Personal creations include Baked Empanadas (a personal favorite) – Chicken, Turkey, and Pork; Cubinis – (mini Cuban Sandwiches) with slow oven roasted pork; Pinwheel Panini Wraps (Black Forest ham, pepperoni, spinach, marinated roasted peppers with 4-cheese blend); and Cuban Cordon Bleu Panini Wrap (Black Forest ham, chicken, and Swiss or Provolone cheese).
Each wrap or sandwich is $2.50; 2 for $5.00; 6 – $15.00; and 12 – $30.00 with a FREE container of Baby Bolo’z sauce.
Delivery is available. You must book 1 day in advance. Baby Bolo’z is available for light catering.
For further information, please call George Lopez at (908) 577-7539 or go to: Facebook or

Baby Bolo’z
2805 B Pinecroft Road
Greensboro, NC
George Lopez at (908) 577-7539