Callahan’s Auto Service Center – Focused On Treating Customers Like Family

Callahan’s Auto Service Center – Focused On Treating Customers Like Family Callahan's Auto Service Center Greensboro NC

Callahan’s Auto Service Center, located at 2926 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, always puts the customer first, treating them like family. Billy and Debbie Callahan are the proud owners, opening in August 2013, keeping it local. Billy grew up around the automotive business in his Father’s station.
The Callahan’s take pride in their experienced staff offering customized solutions to meet customer needs. Personalized services include auto repairs of all kinds, tune ups, oil changes, brakes, air conditioning, and much more. The only exclusions are exterior body work or alignments.Callahans Auto Service Center Greensboro NC
Callahan’s Auto Service Center listens to what their customers say. Debbie emphasizes: “Our guys are great at diagnosing problems and doing a thorough job. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated.” There is no push to buy. They focus on customer satisfaction. Callahan’s Auto Service Center has 3 experienced technicians. One specializes on imported cars. Debbie and Billy feel confident that their staff is customer-friendly and efficient.
Personal service distinguishes the shop. Technicians address immediate needs and also recommend plans for future maintenance.
Debbie and Billy consider Callahan’s to be part of the community. Debbie states: “We want to be our neighbor’s auto shop. We take care of customers just like our own family.” Debbie loves the interaction with Callahan’s Auto Service Center customers.

Tips for Wintering Your Vehicle
Callahan’s Auto Service wants your car to be safe this winter. They check the battery, air/cabin filters, and top fluids on every car.
• Tires – Your tires need to have good pressure.
• Batteries – Have the battery checked. The cold temperature can drain an older battery.
• Coolant – Check fluid freezing point to assure it is good for extreme cold and the 50/50 mix of antifreeze to water.
• Oil – This can be too thick if the customer does not bring in their vehicle for regular oil changes.
• Wiper Blades – Summer temperatures can deteriorate the rubber.
• Anti-Freezing Washer Fluid – Essential for clearing the windows.
Every Callahan’s Auto Service Center technician is knowledgeable and can diagnose. They have diagnostic programs that can analyze potential problems. Callahan’s has 4 bays that can service four cars at the location.
A car needs “nourishment”, according to Debbie: “You need to look at your car like a body. Your car needs gas, oil, water, and check-ups. Oil lubricates everything that makes your car run properly.”
Callahan’s uses Pennzoil products to provide the best quality motor oil for their customers.
Callahan’s Auto Service Center is a licensed North Carolina state inspection location. Come in for your inspection. Return for the friendly service.

For a small fee, vehicle pick-up and delivery is offered. Callahan’s can pick up and deliver your car up to 10 miles from the shop.
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am -6pm, Saturday – 8am-4pm
Please contact Callahan’s Auto Service Center at (336) 286-2020 or