The Collegiate Shop – The Triad’s Premier College Game Day Connection

The Collegiate Shop – The Triad’s Premier College Game Day Connection Collegiate Shop Kernersville NC

The Collegiate Shop, Located at 244 N. Main St. in Kernersville, opened in September 2012 and has become the Triad’s premier college game day connection.
The Collegiate Shop recently celebrated their 5th year anniversary on September 16 with food, beverages, door prizes, and live music. They have been at the downtown Kernersville location since September 2015. “By relocating to downtown Kernersville, we have doubled our space and increased exposure,” Lisa Bugg said.
The Collegiate Shop offers items which are licensed by the NCAA, representing schools from the ACC, SEC, and other divisions. They take pride in offering merchandise from several local colleges and universities.
The Collegiate Shop offersCollegiate Shop Kernersville NC specialized services such as embroidery, heat press, and decal services on site, catering to their customers’ needs. Customers can choose from infant, toddler, youth, and adult apparel, as well as gifts from major manufacturers.
In addition to carrying traditional items like shirts, caps, decals, cups, and flags, Lisa has an excellent eye for new and cool products that fans love to add to their collection. “One of the newest items we offer are garden statues which I would not have considered in the past,” commented Lisa. “Our inventory is always changing from small gifts to durable tailgating items including tables and chairs.”
Lisa states: “We are not your average t-shirt shop. We offer specialty and upscale items for the enthusiastic college sportsfan. “

The Collegiate Shop benefits from Lisa’s insight. There has been an ongoing expansion of unique gift accessories for parties and events. Personal gift items like jewelry, ceramics and wall art is perfect for students, their family, friends, and alumni. Customers appreciate the focus on quality. Repeat and word-of-mouth business continues to grow.
Seasonal shift in customer traffic can help keep the store focused on select and currently popular items.Collegiate Shop Kernersville NCCollegiate Shop Kernersville NC

For example, you will see more high school students in March through May when they are picking up items for the school they plan to attend. In September, more alumni stop by for all their game day needs. Holidays offer a time to shop for gifts for everyone.
At The Collegiate Shop, customers realize that they receive excellent value, with prices often lower than the big box stores for the exact same item. Lisa takes pride in making smart wholesale pricing decisions. She prefers to pass the savings on to further promote “buy local.”
The Bugg family are avid sports fans. They study each preseason, obtaining and gaining insight on who the most popular teams could be for the upcoming regular season, before an order is placed. The Collegiate Shop provides an ongoing learning process for Lisa. One sure thing is that North Carolina teams will always have a loyal and dedicated fan base. Enthusiastic fans are always ready to showcase their favorite school.
With the Collegiate Shop now entering into their fifth year, Lisa emphasizes that the sheer joy of having fun is what it is all about. Lisa shares: “I love talking to people! I am passionate about the customer service experience and I love sports.”
Creating and maintaining a happy environment where everyone benefits and has a positive experience, Lisa will always be the captain of her winning team.
For further information, contact
The Collegiate Shop at (336) 992-9900.