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Dogwood Hops & Crops Delivers!Dogwood Hops and Crops Winston-Salem

By Timothy G. Beeman II
On November 1, Dogwood Hops & Crops will realize one of the major dreams its owners had when they opened earlier this year. It was the intention, all along, to offer a beer and wine delivery service, not only for downtown, but for the surrounding areas, as well. To implement this, Dogwood is launching an app for smartphones to order your libations.
“It will be just like ordering a pizza,” says Adam Andrews, co-owner of Dogwood Hops & Crops.
There will be 85 different beers to choose from as well as 20 wines. These are just starting numbers, too. As demand grows so will the number of choices and so will the delivery area. When the app launches the maximum distance will be 10 miles from downtown Winston-Salem. Delivery times will be from 4pm until 10pm Sunday through Thursday and 4pm until 1am Friday and Saturday nights.
There is a $15 minimum order with no reasonable maximum. Delivery fees will also be added to each delivery. The cost of the delivery fee will be dependent on distance from downtown Winston-Salem in the delivery area. Adam said that the maximum delivery fee should be around $5. You will be able to mix and match six-packs. If you want two of one brand or kind of brew, one of another, three of another, then you can mix and match them as you see fit. It just needs to meet the $15 minimum criteria. There will be a discount for complete six-packs, too. If you get a six-pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, then there will be a discount for that. The exact discount hasn’t yet been determined.
“The plus,” says co-owner Austin Ridge, “other than not having to leave your house, is the beer and wine will always be cold and ready for imbibing when it arrives. Just pop it open and enjoy.” Of course, the wine is dependent on style as many reds aren’t refrigerated.
There are stipulations that must be followed, however. The orders must be prepaid via credit or debit card – all major impressions are accepted. The receiver of the goods must be 21 years of age and show a valid ID. The recipient must not be inebriated. And, the big one, only one delivery per address per day. This is important to note because if you are creating an order and have roommates, you need to make sure you all have what you want in that order. If you order yours and your roommate decides they want to place an order a few hours later, then tough luck Chuck.
Why does Dogwood think this is a big business move? Adam explains, “We want people to shop local and buy their beer and wine from local folks, not from big chain grocery stores. Keep it here.”
The app will be available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. You will be able to get your app and find out more about the program by visiting Dogwood Hops & Crops website: Dogwood Hops & Crops is located, along with The Trophy Room Bourbon Bar, at 517 N. Liberty Street in downtown Winston-Salem.
Order up and drink responsibly.