Eclection in Kernersville features local artists: Jodie Crandall… Jewelry Artist/Philosopher

Eclection Breathe Lounge Kernersville NC

Eclection in Kernersville features local artists:
Jodie Crandall… Jewelry Artist/Philosopher
By Gary Jacques
Jodie Crandall, a jewelry artist for 4 ½ years with a wonderful life philosophy, has found her niche at Eclection in Kernersville.
Jodie started working with individual jewelry by learning about vintage designers. “It’s engaging to put historical things together.”
Crandall is originally from Michigan and came to North Carolina with her family.  She bought and owned a restaurant that closed in 2008.  Jodie was a manager at Green Valley Grill in Greensboro. She also had a successful career in fund development in the non-profit sector.
The mother of two children, Ali – 21, and Don – 24, Jodie has witnessed the creative world from a different perspective.  Ali is autistic and teaches Jodie the joy of sensing art with appreciation and awe.  Don has Down syndrome and provides Jodie with a positive outlook on everyday life.
In 2010, Jodie went back to college. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature from UNCG and a second Master’s in Women’s Studies.  Jodie is passionate about both and has blended her life lessons into art.  “This is my view, which I consider art.”
Her customers are all ages, ranging up to over 70 years “young.”  Crandall believes that the jewelry pieces are a way to connect with people over time. “We remember when someone else wore that piece.”
Crandall loves her customers, who share an appreciation for historic jewelry pieces.  Jodie states:  “This holds true of other women who wore these pieces through history.  It’s all new.  Just because something isn’t perceived as perfect or new, we don’t throw it away.”
Jodie has a unique life philosophy that translates to her art.  “Life is a singular experience.”
Her jewelry is art. “There isn’t a piece I can replicate.”
Her children help Jodie see creativity as an expression of life.  “If we pick up our stuff and move about on the “landscape” of all of the possibilities of life, instead of just planting ourselves in one “reality”…….,  we see a lot of beautiful things.” Jodie’s jewelry gives her the privilege to make beauty out of historical pieces. Each new piece becomes someone else’s new beginning of history.
Old rhinestones can be used to expand a wardrobe without being frivolous.  Old religious medals reveal the owner had a spiritual connection to their life. Art Deco rock crystals are like diamonds. Vintage pieces have unique detail and are made to last. They can easily capture Jodie’s imagination.  She attempts to make pieces with options.
Jodie’s charm bracelets are reasonably priced.  She stops at antique and thrift stores for creative ideas, as well as to make purchases. Jodie loves long necklaces. The possibilities are endless.
Jodie’s space at Eclection includes a fallen tree from her yard now holding her unique jewelry pieces.
Christine Federico, Eclection Owner and 2017 Kernersville Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year, provides a positive atmosphere for Jodie’s artwork.  “Chris believes that nothing is impossible.”
Eclection, located at 221 North Main Street in Kernersville, boasts the most amazing artists and Vintage Collections in the Triad.  With everything being unique and one of a kind, Eclection offers fabulous jewelry, beautiful apparel, wonderful décor, and items that you never knew existed!
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