Junktique Alleyway – Country Store, Local Produce and Fare

Junktique Alleyway – Country Store, Local Produce and Fare    
By Gary Jacques

Junktique Alleyway, located at 115 S. Main St., Kernersville, offers something for everyone.  The aroma of peaches and tomatoes entice you to enter the store.  Inside fresh eggs, grass fed milk, and hoop cheese are available to purchase.  Outdoor displays are designed to highlight the special nature of Junktique Alleyway.  Decorated tables and chairs are a draw to see more.  Old bikes create a sense of nostalgia.
Owner Linda Nugent emphasizes:
“We want our customers to have a one of a kind ‘I want to come back’ experience.”  Junktique Alleyway embodies Americana .  Books, photos, paintings, glassware, upcycled art and furniture, crafts, jewelry, embroidery, local honey, candy, jams, soaps, and much more await you at Junktique Alleyway. Everything is beautifully displayed.   Linda describes the location as having country in the middle of a variety store:  “The incentive was to work in a country store with collectible items. “
Family, happiness, and a positive environment are emphasized at Junktique Alleyway.  With an all-female staff ranging in age from 16 to 72, the shop encourages a comfortable atmosphere.  “You can tell when it’s a first time customer when they walk by with a look of wonder.”  They come back and experience new items each time.”  Owner Linda Nugent is a loving grandmother and passionate business person. Linda did not want her grandchildren to attend daycare. They stay with her whenever possible.
Originally Linda made four flavors of granola and sold roasted peanuts at the farmer’s market for 1 season.  However, Linda wanted to find a method to sell both fresh products combined with a unique country store flavor.
Linda previously owned a cleaning business.  When she saw a “for Rent” sign at the S. Main Street location in February 2016 she realized it was a perfect location for her business. Junktique Alleyway opened March 2016. She is pas-
sionate about Kernersville as a great location:  “Downtown Kernersville is an awesome place to shop.  It is a growing town.” The country store is growing with changes all the time and includes a general store at the front of the store offering local honey, candy, jams, and soaps.
27 artisans are on display.  One resident artist, Laura James, is also part of the staff and an “awesome fit”.  Laura features paintings on cheese
box lids and up cycled art.
Cozy, friendly, family-oriented, Junktique Alleyway values every customer.  Linda states:  “We want this to be a family-friendly atmosphere where people leave here happy.” Come and enjoy your visit!
Hours:  Monday-Saturday:  10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Please contact Junktique Alleyway at (336) 497-5926 or www.facebook.com/Junktique-Alleyway