New to the Triad: Jassi’s Brow Bar

New to the Triad: Jassi’s Brow Bar Jassi's Brow Bar Greensboro NC

Eye Brow Threading for Men & Women. Get your Eyebrows on Fleek!

“A Chance for you to indulge and spoil one Self to a make over, Any day or on any Special occasion day.”

Why? Delve and discover more. Keep yourself physically pleasing and beautiful for any occasion and especially for that special bridal occasion. We believe that when the body is beautiful, healthy and glowing you become adjustable to circumstances extraordinary.
How? Jassi’s Brow Bar specializing in Eyebrow Threading, a 6000-year age-old art, that had originated from India and had been used to preserve the beauty of Queens & royalty is now available for all at the Friendly center.
WHY is Eyebrow Threading better than waxing & other methods?
1. Yogic & a Gentler way of getting unwanted hair from eyebrows and
the face area
2. Lasts so much longer than
waxing does,
3. Hurts less than waxing
4. Perfectly shapes the Eye Brows
to give you a Defined arch and,
5. Purely an art and a specialized trade.

Do you know?
Eyebrow Threading is the ONLY way to get the FUZZ off your face!!!
Jassi is an artist and once a person comes to her they remain her client for a long time because of that specific reason.
All age old traditions such as Yoga, Ayurvedic healing and Eyebrow threading, follow a similar principle of least harm and violation to the body or skin by using a natural approach that brings a balance to the body.
‘Get your Eyebrows on Fleek!’
Is to get the perfect defined arch of your eyebrows that only an artist can make it happen!!!
Jassi’s Brow Bar provides a One-stop shop for a range of services with a unique spin for everyone any day or for a special day to provide a memorable experience that is not easily available elsewhere.
Call Jassi and stop by the store.
Jassi’s Brow Bar @ Friendly center
(336) 541-8999 (Next to Great Clips and opposite Five Guys), 3121 Kathleen Ave, Greensboro.