New to the Triad – Twin City Slice Downtown Winston-Salem

New to the Triad – Twin City Slice is a fresh new idea in keeping things simple.  In our historic building at 214 W. Fourth St. we prepare pizza by the square. Loads of Whole Milk Mozzarella on a medium thick fluffy crust .  You buy it “WITH” or “WITHOUT” pepperoni. It is reasonably fast and economical for those people on a budget and in a time crunch.   We all need more time.  Perfect for kids and groups.  Pepsi products by the bottle and a unique beer and wine list.  My Father always told me “keep it simple silly.”  Ok –  maybe he didn’t use the word silly, but the concept is using the KISS concept and adapted from my favorite pizza shop in Pennsylvania. Twin City Slice is a cool place to wind down, fill up and relax.

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Call ahead and we will have it ready for pickup.

Call ahead we can handle large orders.  Figure 2.5 pieces per person.