Smith and Co Consignment: “A Pleasant Experience for Everyone” Family, Friends, and Community

Smith and Co Consignment: “A Pleasant Experience for Everyone”
Family, Friends, and Community

By Gary Jacques
Smith & Co. Consignment focuses on family, friends, and community service.  Owner Lisa Smith takes pride in all the details, from decorating to being with customers.  She loves all sections of the store.
Lisa’s consignors offer home décor, housewares, furniture, and antiques. They also carry men’s and women’s clothes. “Women love to come in and browse.”
“I’m very trustworthy.  I do the best for consignors and provide a safe place to shop, with a pleasant experience for everyone.” Smith & Co. Consignment is located at 1515 Union Cross Road, Kernersville, NC. They will celebrate their 2 year anniversary in April.
Lisa studied the consignment industry for 8 years, taking accounting classes, speaking with business owners, observing how merchandise was displayed, noting what brought in customers, store sales, and what didn’t work.
She admits starting out was NOT easy.  “As difficult and scary as it was for me to open this shop, it has truly been a blessing.  So many wonderful friendships have been made.  I now know that doing this has a far greater purpose. It is more than just consignment. We are brought into each other’s lives for a reason.  This shop is the avenue being used for that purpose. “
Her husband Tim has been supportive.  Tim, a woodworker in his “spare time,” full-time employed in industry, paints and builds items.  Many are in the store, including the Smith & Co. sign behind the front counter, and much more.
Parents of 4 children ranging in age from 14 to 20, Lisa emphasizes that raising their family has always been a priority.
There are connections between Lisa and employees Robyn Ferris and Ruth Beeson.  Lisa was an assistant to Robyn, a longtime teacher.  Robyn taught Lisa’s oldest son in preschool. Robyn has excellent customer service and organizational skills.  Ruth was also a teacher, with Lisa as her assistant. Ruth has an interior design degree and is very knowledgeable in the furniture industry. She has an excellent eye for home decorating, which has been a tremendous asset.
When Lisa decided to become a consignment store owner, their friendship proved to be an asset to Smith & Co. Consignment. It is obvious after a few moments with this “dynamic trio” that their enthusiasm, knowledge, smiles, and positive attitudes bring customers into their location.
Lisa’s philosophy is:  “Friendships are made. This is a blessing, more than a consignment store”.
Giving back to the community is an essential element of Smith & Co.  Consignment.
The Salvation Army is the recipient of unsold housewares. Shalom Project, based at Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, picks up unsold clothes. Shalom Project offers a FREE clothing closet for the needy in the Triad.  Shalom Project has a “Circles” program that teams people in poverty with middle class people to help them learn how to break the cycles of poverty.  They also have a food pantry and medical clinic.  Lisa states, “To me, they are an excellent organization to support.”
Customers include couples looking for furniture, antique dealers, and glass collectors. “Consignment is great for smart shoppers.”
Lisa keeps the store clean and receives compliments on the “pleasant” atmosphere.  “One of the biggest compliments I receive is about how good it smells in here.  They enjoy the cozy atmosphere.  Many shoppers indicate that they would like to grab a cup of coffee and just stick around for a while.  This is exactly how I want them to feel.”
Although it is hard work, she sees the rewards by remaining customer-focused.  “We want customers to be relaxed and have a great experience.”
Lisa starts taking Spring items February 1.
Smith & Co. Consignment receives consignment items by appointment only during normal operating hours.
Shop Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday-10 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday-10 a.m.-7 p.m. Friday-Saturday- 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
For further information, please contact Smith & Co. Consignment at (336) 497-5290, smithandcoconsignment(at), or

Smith & Co. Consignment
1515 Union Cross Road
Kernersville, NC.

(336) 497-5290