Stumble Stilskins: Celebrating 10 Years in Downtown Greensboro by Louis Money

Stumble Stilskins: Celebrating 10 Years
                in Downtown Greensboro by Louis Money

Sometimes I feel that I can write or talk about a venue, restaurant, or bar without having to do any extra research simply because I have patronized so many places like that here in the Triad area. I consider myself “in the know” for such places. This month’s assignment is one of those times that I definitely have a leg up (or cup) on what I am being asked to write about.
I have frequented Stumble Stilskins a lot in the almost 10 years that they have been open. I always get a “hello” at the door and a “hello” at the bar. Whether it is for business lunches, celebrating a sale with a co-worker, or enjoying live music, Stumble Stilskins has always been my favorite place to go in downtown Greensboro. I remember long before every bar in town jumped on the craft beer bandwagon, Stumbles was already steering the ship, and that definitely has not changed today. They have sixteen beers on tap, most of them rotating by season, and they always have local North Carolina brews to choose from. (Check the Craft Beer specials on Friday.)
One thing that I did not know about Stumbles was how extensive the “gourmet” burger menu was. Selections like the Green Monster, Pimento Bacon Cheese, and more. The one I was most curious about was the Pretzel Burger. A Pretzel Burger? It’s Stumble’s unique blend of beef, sausage, and bratwurst with grilled onions, kraut, yellow mustard and garlic all served on a Pretzel bun.  In addition, Stumble Stilskins also allows you to “build your own burger”, so you can have it your way and then some.  All the burgers are made fresh to order and the custom toppings can also be cooked directly in the meat.
As a celebration of ten years in an ever-changing business, Stumble Stilskins has updated the rest of their menu. I think they will always be known for their wings, but they do have an ever-expanding list of menu items. They also have plenty of dishes for the health conscious consumer, lots of lean stuff like the Flather Weight, which is all protein and no fat, veggie burgers, and new salads. Stumbles uses fresh ingredients in all their food and is more than just good pub fare.  They also have a new Sam Adams sausage and cheese dip and a new spicy bison burger. The bison is 95% lean so you get true cook weight when it arrives to your table. Not counting calories? Well Stumbles has you covered as well. Popular choices like the Big Meaty, Guido McFlathery, Dan-O’s double bacon cheeseburger (2 people can share), and the list goes on and on. One more thing I would like to mention about the food is that the kitchen is open to 2am EVERY night!
Stumble Stilskins is also a great place to meet with your friends and catch the game- excuse me- catch all the games. Stumble’s has all the sports packages and big screen TV’s so you will not miss a second of the action.  Even though you can catch the games at Stumbles, “it is not just a sports bar,” says owner Chris Flathers. Chris and his business partner Trevor Austin opened Stumble Stilskins ten years ago at 202 West Market Street, an established an upbeat, “come as you are” atmosphere that downtown was sorely lacking at the time. Both of the guys are New Englanders who met in High Point in 1999 while working in the restaurant business, and they are the driving force behind what has become a staple in downtown.
So if you live under a rock and you have never been to Stumbles, or you haven’t been in a while, come on out and help them celebrate a decade in downtown Greensboro. Enjoy a few of the 60 plus craft beers, enjoy some live music (Patrick Rock and Joey Barnes October 17th), or enjoy some of the new menu items that have been added to an already impressive menu. As a patron, I can promise you a “hello” at the door and a “hello” at the bar.