Tapped into Craft: Horigan’s House of Taps


Horigan’s House of TapsHorigan’s House of Taps Greensboro NC
603 S Elm St, GSO, NC 336-763-1143

Horigan’s House of Taps, a gathering spot and pub located in the Downtown Greensboro area, has been serving up great craft beers since 2017. Horigan’s passion for craft beer is seen through its dozens of local crafts, and its self-serve taps (the only self-serve taps in the Triad!). Horigan’s has about 48 taps, with 8 of those dedicated to wine, 3 to 4 dedicated to ciders, and the rest to craft beers, with emphasis on North Carolina craft breweries. The great thing about self-serve taps is that patrons can pour their beers and taste as many as they want when they want. Horigan’s carries craft beers from Natty Greene’s, Foothills, Four Saints, and Wiseman. Horigan’s also carries two very popular North Carolina drafts. Yours Truli, brewed by Weeping Radish Farm Brewery, is a Bavarian Hefeweizen, and includes a little something special with the addition of Triticale grain from Durham’s Epiphany malt house. The grain is a mix of wheat and rye, which gives a spicy and soft malt flavor to the German ale. The other draft is an Imperial Stout, The Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist, which is aged in whiskey barrels with cacao nibs and barrel-aged coffee beans with barrel-aged coconut added. These drafts have me excited to visit Horigan’s, but I am looking forward to the food as well. Horigan’s has an impressive food menu featuring my favorite– Bavarian Pretzels served with a signature beer cheese dip and mustard, which will pair well with any beer on tap. They also have a cheese plate and charcuterie plate for all the wine drinkers out there, and a great selection of panini sandwiches, all served on rustic bread.
Tuesday at Horigan’s is wine night, with all wines half price starting at 4 pm, and trivia beginning at 8pm. Wednesday is beer night, with half-off all beer taps, and the chance to win a Horigan’s House of Taps pint glass if you “Kick the Keg.” Horigan’s provides a relaxing place where you can chill, drink a beer, and you don’t have to wait on a bartender. Beers are always changing at Horigan’s, with a rotating schedule throughout the year. There is something for everyone no matter your taste. www.horiganstaps.com