Tapped into Craft Libations and Victuals: Hoots Beer Co. Watchnight 2018

Tapped into Craft Libations and Victuals:Hoots Beer Co Winston-Salem NC
Hoots Beer Co. Watchnight 2018
By Timothy G. Beeman II
New Year’s Eve is what Hoots Beer Company calls Watchnight. Hoots Beer always does things to keep with tradition and Watchnight is a Moravian tradition that dates back at least until the 18th Century. So, with Salem (and by association, Winston-Salem) being a Moravian settlement, they also had Watchnight and they still do. Keeping with the Moravian theme that Hoots does (Zinzendorf anyone?), this fits right in.
Watchnight is Hoots’ take on the traditional Doppelbock beer. Doppelbocks are German-style lagers which are generally a bit on the stronger side. They’re usually rich in flavor, sometimes taking chocolate or caramel notes, with a dark amber or near-black color. With Hoots, they release a new batch to correlate with the new year and in celebration of the Watchnight.
This year, they will be releasing the 2017 vintage (released for this past year’s batch) on New Year’s Eve/Day and releasing the 2018 batch a little later in the month. Co-owner Eric Swaim says, “We are going to release last year’s for the event and then the new batch as soon as possible. These beers are ready when they are ready. Not much you can do about that.”
To be sure, this is a very limited release and, as with most Hoots beers, they will go fast. The 2017 will be available while supplies last and once the keg kicks, that will be all there is of it. But, again, the 2018 is brewing now. Be sure to check with Hoots via their website (HootsPublic.com) and their Facebook page for more information about the release.

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