Tapped into Craft: Libations and Victuals: Local Brewery, Winery, and Distillery April News

Tapped into Craft: Libations and Victuals: Local Brewery, Winery, and Distillery April News

Old Nick Williams Co. Farm & Distillery
2675 Williams Road, Lewisville, NC 27023 336-946-1012

Have you wanted to learn how to distill your own spirits from grain to bottle?
We are now offering distilling instruction where you will get all hands-on experience at making spirits and be able to ask questions that you’ve always wondered!
Day at the Distillery – $100/per person
Spend the day learning about the ins and outs of craft distilling! In one long day, you’ll learn about the whole process, including: milling grains, mashing (conversion of grain starches into sugars), fermentation (production of ethanol from sugars by brewer’s yeast), distillation (concentration of ethanol), barrel aging, bottling.
This is a busy, hands-on day – we pick a day when we’re both mashing & distilling, and you’ll be working alongside the distiller the whole time. You will learn a LOT – when we’re not actually doing something, we’ll talk about process, chemistry, yeast, aging, regulations, etc. You’ll also taste whatever we’re working on, plus whatever else is currently being sampled in the tasting room. The class includes lunch, T-shirt, and shot glass. This class is held once a month so give us a call to see when the next class is scheduled!

MAY 5th- WHISKEY DE MAYO Cruise in for the Petty Family Foundation 11am-3pm

222 E Main St., Elkin, NC 336-258-2251
Come join us at Angry Troll Brewing on April 13 for our “Annual Party” from 7:30PM to 10:00PM …and just in time for Spring and NC Beer Month, we will be featuring “Sir Walter
ESB”, oak aged and just the right taste for the season.

Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing CoFiddlin' Fish Brewing Company NC
772 Trade St NW, Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 999-8945
April 14th, Show your pride for North Carolina craft beer and celebrate NC Beer Month with Fiddlin’ Fish! We’ll have live music on the main stage in the parking lot all day, food trucks, brewery tours, a special release of a beer brewed with all NC grown grain and hops, and much more! Stay tuned for updates!

638 W 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC
Brewery and Tasting Room – 3800 Kimwell Dr. Winston-Salem, NC

Yes, you read that right–school. With Beer. We’ll spend an afternoon education you and your friends on the subtle nuances of craft beer brewing, take you on a tour of our brewery..and, for the final exam, let you taste several of the results. Easiest “A” you’ll ever get.

Beer School is offered on the first Saturday of every month at 2:30 PM. Registration required.

840 Mill Works St. Winston-Salem

Come celebrate NC Beer Month with us and enjoy our new seasonal creation, coming out in April. Coconut Cream Ale! And it’s gonna be delicious!


Wise Man BrewingWise Man Brewing Winston-Salem NC
826 Angelo Bros Ave, Winston-Salem, NC

Lots of great releases and news for April! We will be releasing at least 2 new beers in April; An English Pale Ale and a Full Current Gose. Also Mountain Calling and Body Electric will be re-released in cans.

We will be having an Earth Day Celebration on April 22 and solar panels have been installed on our roof and we will be going “live” with those in April!

RagApple Lassie VineyardsRagApple Lassie Vineyards NC
3724 RagApple Lassie Lane Boonville, NC

In April we are excited to celebrate our 15th Anniversary Eclipse Chardonnay! There will only be 100 cases available. This chardonnay is fermented and aged in Brand New Barrels. It was harvested under the eclipse, August 21, 2017 and bottled during the snow on March 12, 2018. This delight is is a full bodied Chardonnay, buttery and creamy.

Raylen VineyardsRaylen Vineyards & Winery NC
3577 US-158, Mocksville, NC

2016 Merlot Release – come out and taste or purchase by bottle or case


Shelton VineyardsShelton Vineyard NC
286 Cabernet Ln. Dobson, NC

Rosé wines are wines of refreshment and the new release from Shelton Vineyards is an excellent example of the best a Rosé has to offer. The light pink color of the wine comes from the skins of red wine grapes. Many red wine grapes can be used to produce rosé, but Shelton’s signature rose is a blend of Merlot, Tannat, and Petit Verdot. When these grapes were brought from the field, they were gently handled to extract the juice with very little skin contact. This gives Shelton’s Rosé a very light pink color and aromas of cherry and strawberry. This light bodied wine has bright citrus flavors and a crisp finish. It is a versatile wine that pairs well with seafood, grilled beef and is great as a standalone evening wine. Shelton’s Two Fine Nine Rosé was is a limited production release and can only be purchased at the tasting room. So, come out to Shelton Vineyards and enjoy the spring weather with a refreshing glass of this excellent wine!