Tapped into Craft Libations and Victuals: Sidecar Orange Pale Ale By Sierra Nevada

Sidecar Orange Pale Ale By Sierra Nevada

By Timothy G. Beeman II

Sierra Nevada was started in the late 1970s off of a dream by homebrewers and pals, Ken Grossman and Paul Camusi, in Chico, California. They had but one dream: to make beer that they’d want to drink, plain and simple. Their green label Pale Ale is now the standard by which even the prestigious Cicerone program designates as the basis of what a true Pale Ale should be brewed, crafted and taste. In 2010, Sierra Nevada was named “Green Business of the Year” by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for its sustainability and, well, “green” practices. In 2014, a new restaurant and “East Coast” facility was established in Mills River, North Carolina. Since then, Sierra Nevada can be (and is) called a North Carolina brewery.

I will have to admit that I’m not really a fan of the original Pale Ale. It was never my thing. Pale Ales in general are a bit of an anomaly to me. It seems to lack any real flavor or substance. A lot of time the hoppiness of pales and IPAs are a bit much for my tastes. Also, with fruit flavored beer, I generally get either too much or not nearly enough of the fruit flavor and the beer falls shy of what I want or need in a beer. But, the Sidecar Orange Pale Ale is a whole different monster. With Sidecar, the hops are completely balanced with the orange hints and creates a meld of flavor that has become one of my favorite beers. There is no offensive overtones in this that I get in many IPAs and pales. We have had this beer on both The Less Desirables and The Beer Dads podcasts and I loved it both times. I would highly recommend this “North Carolina” beer to anyone who likes beer; even those who are not fans of “hoppy beers.” I rate this brew 4.75 out of 5.

Spencer Davis is owner of his family’s company, City Beverage, which has been selling fine beer and wine since 1946. They’re located at 915 Burke Street in Winston-Salem and on the web at www.citybeverage.com. Tim Beeman is co-owner, co-host and producer of The Less Desirables Podcast and The Less Desirables Podcast Network ft. The Less Desirables, Fan Interference, The Beer Dads, The Man Who Ate the Town and Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking podcasts. Find out more on the TLD Network page, www.tldpodnetwork.com