Old Nick Williams Co. Farm & Distillery: April 2018


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Old Nick Williams Co. Farm & Distillery
2675 Williams Road, Lewisville, NC 27023 336-946-1012

Have you wanted to learn how to distill your own spirits from grain to bottle?
We are now offering distilling instruction where you will get all hands-on experience at making spirits and be able to ask questions that you’ve always wondered!
Day at the Distillery – $100/per person
Spend the day learning about the ins and outs of craft distilling! In one long day, you’ll learn about the whole process, including: milling grains, mashing (conversion of grain starches into sugars), fermentation (production of ethanol from sugars by brewer’s yeast), distillation (concentration of ethanol), barrel aging, bottling.
This is a busy, hands-on day – we pick a day when we’re both mashing & distilling, and you’ll be working alongside the distiller the whole time. You will learn a LOT – when we’re not actually doing something, we’ll talk about process, chemistry, yeast, aging, regulations, etc. You’ll also taste whatever we’re working on, plus whatever else is currently being sampled in the tasting room. The class includes lunch, T-shirt, and shot glass. This class is held once a month so give us a call to see when the next class is scheduled!

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