The Big Eat and Big Sip Beverage Festival / Mac & Cheese Cook-off for current details

The Big Eat and  Big Sip Beverage Festival /
Mac & Cheese Cook-off

LIST OF PARTICIPATING Restaurants & Entrées Offered!

Downtown Winston-Salem dates
Tuesday evenings, January 7 –  February 18, 2020

other locations
Tuesday evenings, February 4 – February 25, 2019.

Support your locally owned restaurants, learn about the restaurants and enjoy their wares.

The Big Eat has been a Downtown Winston-Salem staple for more than a decade. Our Local & Piedmont Local Magazine has been organizing the Big Eat for the last few years. You may ask oneself, what is The Big Eat? The Big Eat is a collective of restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem where participating restaurants, taking 50% off signature menu items they intend to highlight, showcasing what the culinary scene in the Downtown area is all about.

Being in it’s third year, there will be an added bonus! On February 29th (1p-6p) there will be the Big Sip Beverage Festival /  Mac & Cheese Cook-Off at the Benton Convention Center, where many of the Big Eat participating restaurants will compete for who has the best Mac and Cheese in the Piedmont, plus live music. In addition, there will be craft beverage tastings featuring local breweries, wineries, and distilleries, including Old Nick Distillery, Foothills Brewing, Fiddlin Fish, and many more.

You may have heard about a certain restaurant but haven’t ever eaten there. You don’t know if you’d like it. You don’t know if the food of that restaurant is priced right for your budget. The Big Eat offers you the opportunity to try it and see if it’s the one for you.

Or, perhaps, there’s a restaurant that you are familiar with, but you’ve never gotten to that one menu item as you didn’t think you’d enjoy. Well, that particular item so happens to be on The Big Eat menu and here’s your chance to try something new.

Then there’s the scenario where you don’t know about going Downtown Winston-Salem at all. You’ve wanted to, but haven’t had the opportunity, here is your opportunity.

What’s down there? What will I like? Again, The Big Eat has you covered.

Not all of the downtown restaurants are participating, however. Some of those that are participating include Bernardin’s, Trade Street Diner, Bib’s Downtown, Jeffrey Adams on Fourth, The Old Fourth Street Filling Station, and 6th & Vine. The list will grow as the time inches closer.

Keep an eye on the events’ website,, for more info and additions to the list. Also, it is highly recommended that you make reservations at the participating restaurants. The special pricings and events are for dine-in only, no takeout.

The Old Fourth Street Filling Station
871 W 4Th St., W-S

1-7: 14 oz grilled ribeye

1-14: Signature Carolina Shrimp & Grits

1-21: Grilled Salmon

1-28: Filet Mignon

2-4: Crab Cake Dinner

2-11: Filling Station Meatloaf

2-18: Crab-Stuffed Mahi-Mahi

Bib’s Downtown 675 W 5th St, W-S

Every Big Eat Tuesday in Winston-Salem

Pulled Pork Plates or Pulled Pork Sandwich Plates: $4.25

Jeffrey Adams on Fourth
321 W 4Th St., W-S

1-7: 7oz Maple Bourbon Glazed Salmon

1-14: 4oz Black Angus Filet Mignon

1-21: Beef Tenderloin Risotto

1-28: Southern Fried Chicken

2-4: 12oz Black Angus Ribeye

2-11: 12oz Black Angus NY Strip

2-18: Southern Pork Tenderloin

Other Local Restaurants

with menus listed on