Cooper’s Ale House: Keeping the Fields of Dreams for Sports Alive


It’s a universal fact that one of the things that bring people together like no other are sporting events. And having that very thing largely ripped out of our hands this year is one of the hundreds of things that have made 2020 pretty unbearable.

Whether we were watching our favorite sports at home alone, at friends’ houses, or in sports bars like Cooper’s Ale House in Gr

eensboro, Fall just won’t feel the same without being able to do that as easily. There is just something about gathering and watching college ball on Saturdays and binging on NFL all day on Sunday that resonates with almost everyone and while we’re sort of going to have NFL and some college games to look forward to still, those empty stands are a fitting reflection of the emptiness in our hearts that we can’t be there in person cheering our favorite teams on.

Since 2017 Cooper’s Ale House has been operating inside the Wyndham Garden Hotel on Swing Rd in Greensboro NC just off of I-40. They have a friendly atmosphere, good times, great food, and service. Cooper’s provides space for private parties. This is a beautiful location for everybody and their individual needs. They offer a fully stocked bar with 13 beers on tap. They feature an array of craft beers including many NC beers as well as carrying a few local wines.  For the sports fan, 30 plus TVs are showing all types of sports all day and they also boast Greensboro’s largest covered patio, which includes 2 outdoor pool tables and 10 TVs for your viewing pleasures.

Cooper’s is the location for the Triad’s Dallas Cowboys Fanclub and also play host to a large contingency of Panthers fans. If you’re missing the tailgating piece of fall football, one of their private rooms could just be the thing for you and your friends. With 5 different banquet rooms, there is room for you and 50 – 75 of your closest sports friends to get together safely and they will cater it for you which will save you the room fee! Granted it’s not exactly the same as being in your favorite stadium parking lot, but the camaraderie is what all of us are really after when we get together to watch games. Doesn’t a day filled with football, Cooper’s amazing wings, and other appetizers and a couple of beers sound really good right now??


Their two dining rooms can safely seat 128 people on the inside and approximately 30 on the patio. They

 are doing karaoke on Fridays and have a DJ on Saturdays until 11:00 PM. They have drink specials Sunday – Thursday and while a few items have changed or been dropped from their menu due to logistics, the majority of your favorites are still there!

If you’re missing the sheer joy of watching sports with your friends, you definitely need to head to Cooper’s, watch your favorite teams, and make your own crowd noise. We all need that right now.

Cooper’s Ale House
415 Swing Rd,  Greensboro, NC
(336) 855-7505