Country Store, Antiques, Produce and More Junktique Alleyway

Country Store, Antiques, Produce and More

Junktique Alleyway

Sarah K Wilson

Junktique Alleyway, located at 115 South Main street in Kernersville, is quite the hotspot one-stop  shop. The garden art displayed in front of this country store and antique shop is sure to catch the eye,

as they have amazing unique pieces outside to make a statement. This unique shop opened in March 2016, and owner Linda Nugent has been adding to her large assortment of inventory ever since. The concept behind the store is a combination of a classic country store, reminiscent of the past, with a fusion of antiques, collectibles, home decor, and more.

The sight of delicious, juicy, farm-fresh peaches, perfectly ripe tomatoes,  and Ashe County cheese stirred up quite the appetite for me as I continued to explore room to room in the neatly and thoughtfully displayed store. The produce is sourced locally when possible, and Junktique Alleyway keeps fresh Florida-grown tomatoes all winter long as well. At every turn there was something that caught my eye, like the fresh jams, old fashioned candy, and the much raved about elderberry syrup.

I remember thinking “what doesn’t this store have?” and seconds later owner Linda Nugent explained to me that she stocks the store inventory with new and different items every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and has added a new layout to the store, making it efficient to find everything you need.

Whether you are looking for Homestead Creamery Milk, farm-fresh eggs, local fresh produce, local honey, or pickled goods, there is something for everyone in the country store. This store is so convenient for me as well, because I can browse home decor, Avon products, candles, antiques, jewelry, glassware, paintings, and even furniture while I get groceries and snacks. I also love shopping for gifts. With the items always changing, it’s fun to stop in and see what is new in the store.

Junktique Alleyway is also well known for the outstandingly genuine and helpful customer service, as each person that enters the store is treated like family from the moment they step inside. You can check out everything Junktique Alleyway has to offer every Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 6pm, and each Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.  Stay tuned to find out about what big plans Junktique has coming up next!