Gate City Candy Company: Greensboro’s Own Golden Ticket!

Considering the current state of our beloved country, we could all use some happiness and what better way to capture that than visiting your local candy store. In Downtown Greensboro, one such person has brought that joy of nostalgic candies with the Gate City Candy Company, and his name is Dan Weatherington. Originally from Goldsboro NC, he has lived in Texas for a while and now resides in Greensboro since 2011.

This dream of owning his own candy store came about at the age of 8 years old when he and his father would take trips to the local neighborhood cand

y store and he was allowed to purchase any item he chose, when he was speaking about these trips he lit up and a flash of his 8 year old self was evident on his face. He then stated that the best part of his days are when children and adults alike walk in and become excited about the array of nostalgic candies, fudge, Jelly Belly’s, M & M’s, variety of soda pop, and other treats. He certainly has a passion for what he brings to Downtown Greensboro.

It hasn’t been easy though. He pressed on when he was told that a candy store wouldn’t last, but he pressed on, the doors opened April 1st, 2019. Earlier this year was tough for a lot of businesses as we bore witness to countless protests and unfortunate vandalism, which oftentimes is a side effect in the pursuit of social reform.

As the vice-president of R.A.D. (Retailers Association Downtown) he supports local businesses and he was happy that everyone came together during a tough time for local businesses. There is something to be said for a man, who 30 years later, never gave up on his childhood dream. If you have never been to the joyous establishment which is Gate City Candy Co. you’re missing out! Stop by and see what it is all about, especially when he will soon be carrying Blue Belle ice cream which is perfect for these humid summer days. So make your children or your inner child deliriously happy by visiting this amazing store.

Gate City Candy Co.
529 S Elm St,  Greensboro, NC(336) 907-3448