Gordian Knot Rum Not Your Old Pirate’s Booty

Legend said that the one to undo the Gordian Knot would be king. Many tried to untie the intractable weave, and many failed, until a soldier came forward, drew his sword and cut through the knot. In that one bold stroke, the soldier unraveled the rope, untied the knot, and sealed his fortune.

When Greensboro native and Executive Chef Mitchell Nicks and business owner Tom Bruce decided to join forces and create the perfect spirit, bourbon was quickly decided against due to the oversaturated market. Their research showed that rum was the next big trend in the spirit business. However, when the partners started working on Gordian Knot Rum in 2016, they did it with one thing squarely in their minds: they did not like rum.

As drinkers of scotch, and then bourbon, they found the usual suspects of the rum world to have a unique flavor thanks to its sugar cane provenance, but they ranged from anemic and thin with a hot finish to overly candied and syrupy. Defenders of these rums, those rums with tropical fauna, sailors, and buccaneers on the label, would respond with, “yeah, but it’s good when you mix it with some Coke, ginger ale, or punch”.

In order to save the world from subpar rum, the determined and adventurous pair rolled up their sleeves and got busy sampling many of the rums that the Caribbean had to offer. They wanted to find casks with the character and qualities that they wanted in their final rum. When all was said and done, they decided on three rums that they would work with: a 7-year-old rum from Barbados, a 5-year-old rum from Trinidad, and a 3-year-old rum from Jamaica and these 3 rums would be blended together to make the perfect recipe. 

The results were a spirit that drinks like a bourbon with a weighty mouthfeel, a butterscotch nose, and a long, spicy, smooth finish. Elegant, layered, and very limited in production promises customers a rum experience that they have never had before.

Gordian Knot Rum hit the shelves in November 2018 and is currently available in liquor stores, bars, and restaurants in NC, SC, and FL with more locations being added. It earned the Judge’s Favorite Award at the prestigious Miami Rum Festival and is quickly building a strong and loyal following.

As a small-batch bourbon drinker myself, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical to believe that any rum could taste like anything other than – well, RUM – but it took one sip to convince me and I’ve had a bottle on my bar shelf at home since then. Surprisingly, this year’s pandemic situation resulted in shelves being cleared and record sales for the company!

Gordian Know Rum is a must-have for anyone who appreciates fine liquors and with the colder weather approaching, it will be perfect sipping it in front of your fire. So go ahead and break-up with your old pirate and tell him to walk the plank. There’s a new pirate king in town and he’s breaking all the rules.

Defy convention. Break the rules, Live like a king.    https://www.gordianknotrum.com/