Jeffrey Adams – Eight Years of Delighting Triad Diners!

By Kristen Margo Daukas

When Jeff Bassett and Adam Andrews opened Jeffrey Adams on Fourth Street in Winston-Salem in October 2012, it quickly became a favorite go-to spot for many diners in the area. Eight years later, and they’re still going strong and slowly getting back to a steady stream of guests after being closed during the close-downs earlier this year. Operating at 50% capacity like other restaurants poses a challenge for all establishments but thanks to things such as The Streatery and college students returning to town, there’s a lot to be smiling about and thankful for.

When staff returned after we went into phase 2, it was with mixed emotions and not knowing what would happen – downtown was a virtual ghost town –

would people actually come back to eat out? Would diners object to wearing masks? Luckily their fears would subside as they saw traffic starting to gradually increase and things began to show a little resemblance to life before.

The Streatery helped get their numbers back up to pre-COVID levels. When they’re able to use the street to serve, they can add an additional 10-12 tables outside with the 10 inside (which is the maximum number of tables they can use due to the 50% capacity rules) as well as the 2nd-floor being used. They found that people who may not have felt comfortable dining inside definitely are coming to eat outside. Like other restaurants and businesses, all of their staff are r

equired t

o wear masks and guests are required to wear them when not seated at their tables – and for the most part, guests have been good at doing this. Personally, I keep mine out for when a staff member comes to my table so I can slip it back on in an effort to keep them healthy and safe.

While the restaurant was closed, they took the time to make some changes to their menu. Guests can expect to see some

‘bigger’ options come back such as their Cowboy Ribeye Steak, New York Strip, and Grilled Duck with Sauteed Apples. Once the cooler Fall weather makes an appearance, they’ll add their “cold weather” pasta dishes and offer both vegetarian and meat versions as well as winter arugula. New desserts include White Chocolate Creme Brulee, Apple Berry Crisp, and a rotation of creative cheesecakes.

Due to the fact that they’re only serving dinner currently, many of the sandwiches and handhelds have been removed from the menu, but if you have a hankering for that fabulous chicken sandwich, ask nicely and they’ll probably make it for you!

As always, all items are made fresh, in-house with ingredients that come from Andrews Farm (owned by Adam).  If there’s a  tomato compote or pico de gallo garnishing your dish, you can rest assured that they were made using vegetables that were picked from Adam’s farm – and probably picked that same morning.

Other changes you can expect is that currently, the wine cellar is closed which is a shame because until this moment, I had no idea they had a wine cellar and now I need us to get out of this pandemic so I can experience that! There are some incredible new wines and cocktails to explore from a Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned to the Kena Cosmo (named after their very own manager!). They pared the wine list down in order to give their guests plenty of options without it being overwhelming. This also ensures that no wine is on the shelf for too long.

Jeffrey Adams is currently only open for dinner service Tuesday – Sunday and the upstairs section is being seated on Friday and Saturday only. That area is also being used to host small private groups of 20 or fewer people as it gives them ample room to spread people out as well as offering a dedicated bar and private bathrooms.

Jeffrey Adams on Fourth
321 W 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC