Junktique Alleyway – Neighborhood General Store in the heart of Kernersville

Junktique Alleyway –Neighborhood General Store in the heart of Kernersville

By Jessica Thompson

Ever miss those older episodes of older television shows? You know, the ones  where people were honest, sincere, helpful, polite, knew you by name or face, and you always received a warm greeting when walking in? Well, this place is bringing it back to life, all thanks to a wonderful antique and country store called Junktique Alleyway, located right in the heart of Kernersville, at 115 South Main St. Opened in March of 2016, the owner Linda Nugent, will surely be there, ready to assist you in any way she can. All seeding from making granola and a love for her family.

You are instantly intrigued while driving by, the fresh produce shining in the sun, the water still reflecting on the beautiful tomatoes, corn, naval oranges, peaches, squash, broccoli, and other mouth-watering items. Also accompanying this delightful assortment of produce. She sells raw peanuts, bananas always fresh; currently 37¢ per pound. The general store also boasts beautifully full-grown hanging ferns, outdoor metal art, and outdoor decorations of all shapes sizes to brighten up your yard. The well-crafted tin Rooste

rs, pigs, ducks, owls, birds, bright pink flamingos and various farm animals are too cute for words and have become quite popular with customers. The tall wind spinners and the twinkling eye-catching melodic wind chimes caught my eye, as well as my ear. Just think, we are not even into the store yet!

When you step through the entrance you are immediately greeted by the friendly staff. You can already see that this place has a certain southern charm and magic, well loved by its owner, Linda Nugent. the store is open seven days a week to ensure her custo

mers always have what they need, keeping her shelves stocked with nostalgic old-fashioned candies, jarred/canned goods, jams and jellies, beans-a-plenty, and more fruits and veggies. The Ashe County cheese is to live for. Even though they have many to choose from, the mountain marble stole my heart.

From Homestead Creamery milk and ice cream, fresh farm raised eggs from Kernersville. Potatoes? How about red, Yukon gold, baking or sweet. Watermelons, cantaloupes, different types of apples, an array of baking items/other condiments. One can find a little of just about everythin

g here.

When turning a corner, the smell of handcrafted locally made candles wafts through the air after first entering and seeing all the immediate goodies. So, you can’t help yourself but to want to go further down the rabbit hole. As you walk from room to room, you can find all sorts of eclectic (new, used, antique, or repurposed) items for purchase. She has the most beautiful art exhi

bited, fantastic handmade signs, all with themes from the beach to the sky. These are just the walls, which are nearly covered from floor to ceiling with treasures from eras before and some contemporary items tucked here and there. She has all sorts of items in her shop of wonders so if you stop by and see something that enchants you, I would suggest a quick purchase because it may not be there tomorrow.


Junktique Alleyway is family owned and run, you can feel the sense of pride and joy that Linda and her family take in running this amazing place. They are constantly bringing in new items, offering amazing prices on items, items you simply not find anywhere else. While most businesses had to close or some just closed due to the COVID-19 virus that the nation is currently facing, Linda chose to keep her store open, same hours. She stated that, “she had to help her community in times of need.” She has practiced keeping her store germ free and her customers safe as they shop. Providing people with the necessities that could not be easily found and made them readily accessible, especially to the elderly and people with children. I have witnessed this incredible woman fill bags with food, give to people who are hungry, and support everyone around her. How she does it all in a day, I guess we will never know, but to say that Junktique Alleyway and Linda are an asset and pleasure to the community is an understatement.

If you’re ever in Kernersville stop by and see what all the fuss is about. Even if you do not leave with any purchases your first time, I guarantee you will want to come back time and time again, just to say hello to the wonderful people and nook that comprise Junktique Alleyway moving towards a beautiful General store. I know I will!

Junktique Alleyway

115 S Main St, Kernersville, NC
Open Daily until 10am – 6pm (12pm – 5pm on Sundays)