Laster’s Fine Art & Antiques: Keeping Family History Alive

By Kristen Margo Daukas

Since 1973, Laster’s has had the distinct honor of handling some of the area’s finest estates find new homes for their antique furnishings and art collections. Whether families were downsizing their homes or the owners had passed away, Laster’s was usually the one to get the call to come in and appraise the collections of high-end Southern family holdings and then the pieces would either be sold in consignment or purchased outright. If families were looking to purchase high-end pieces, that call usually went to Laster’s as well!

In 2011, the Laster family made the move from doing all the transactions privately and opened up their retail shop located on Stratford Road. Making this move enabled them to expand their services and offerings to more people than just private customers. Now shoppers looking for that “perfect” piece of furniture can easily walk into the store and wander through room after room of exquisite furnishings, art, and unique decorative items.

What are most customers looking for when they come into the store? The most popular pieces are side tables, chest of drawers, and art. There always seems to be a spot in your home that could ‘just use’ a perfect side table to complete the look you’re going after and it’s a pretty safe bet to know that you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Laster’s. If you’re wanting to add to your art collection, there is no reason to buy a copy online – more than likely you can find an original piece of art that will be perfect for your home and will come complete with its own story to tell! While art is subjective, the most popular art pieces they sell tend to be landscape pieces.

You Never Know What You’re Going to Discover

We all have that dream of purchasing an old piece of furniture or art and discovering later that it is actually worth a small fortune. Obviously it’s a rare occurrence but according to Ryan Laster, that very thing happened to them during an estate sale several years ago. As they were cleaning out the basement of the home, they came upon a box of seemingly random bobblehead toys. Upon further investigation, it turns out those bobbleheads were actually a rare run from Japan – complete with the original identifying stickers!

Laster’s has stayed true to their origins and while they have the storefront, they continue to offer the services that they began with in the ‘70s. If customers have items they want to sell, they can do so by placing them on consignment, and Laster’s will place them in the storefront and then handle all the details. Laster’s will also buy items from customers outright skipping the consignment process altogether. Estate sales are still a big piece of their business – a process that saves an immense amount of time for those who find themselves having to oversee the estate of a loved one. Tag sales have increased in popularity as a way for customers to sell their household belongings for reasons such as downsizing or moving into a retirement community.

Laster’s has operated for more than 40 years up until this year when they had to close down for almost two months due to COVID-19. When asked if they’d seen a surge of items coming into the store due to people clearing out their homes, they actually have not – at least not yet. However, they wouldn’t be surprised if they did see a bit of a surge in the next couple of months once folks have time to decide if they are actually going to get rid of certain pieces. They are requiring customers to wear masks when shopping in their store and they have put into place the necessary precautions to ensure both staff and customer’s safety.

Laster’s Fine Art & Antiques

664 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC
Mon – Sat: 10am – 5:30pm