Local + Global Creative Collaborators Team Up To Give Back With BTV – Beyond The Virus Gifts To Provide COVID-19 Charitable Contributions


Local singer/songwriter/musician + Tea-lation! tea business owner, Susan B. B. Schabacker heartfully encourages her community to support BTV – Beyond The Virus to give gifts that give back this holiday. She is honored to team up with talented locals + internationals in humanitarian efforts to support many devastated by coronavirus. 

Susan, along with creative collaborators from around the world,  has been recording her 5th album of original world music. Susan’s collaborators represent our local scene + countries from A (Austria) to Z (Zimbabwe) and many countries in between.

“We bring people together to heartfully help, as we move forward from coronavirus together. Our mission – heartbeat of humanity – is helping others. We are grateful for God’s support, as celebrated in our Italian tribute song, ‘God On Our Side,’” says Susan.

BTV includes hopeful spiritual songs + funny coronavirus parody songs to lighten moods and lift spirits. Each song is special + unique with different genres + styles. Susan explores many languages, singing in Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Swedish, Polish, and etc. + raps.

“This is the first album I rap on. After considering “Lil Suzy,” “Lil Sushi,” and others, Susan settled on a rapper name that reflects her Asian heritage and honors her Korean family. Lim is her surname, meaning forest, so she’s rolling (well, rapping) with Lil Lim.

Susan honors her country with a patriotic American song, “Independence,” quoting MLK in the outro with “let freedom ring.” And, she couldn’t leave the South out, so “Elbow Bumps And Air Hugs” is a folk/Americana song with a special “y’all” + words of encouragement. This coronavirus parody duet features local vocalist Doug Davis, of The Plaids. Other local collaborators include: Geoff Weber, Marshall Clark, Chuck Folds, Nicole Andres, and Aaron Kinne.

Susan remains humble about her contributions, but gives herself credit for this whole BTV project that also includes mixing all 31 tracks on her album that are mastered by Michael Gaffney, who studied film music composition at UNCSA (University of NC School of the Arts).

Tea-lation!, Susan’s local tea biz, is contributing BTV tea blends, blended in honor of the races of the world harmoniously uniting. Her fruitalicious custom blends are not just delicious, but also nutritious (organic).

“We are grateful to Brad Bennett and local ad agency, Wildfire, for contributing their creativity designing labels for our BTV tea blends,” says Susan. “They are full of ideas, not egos, and are heartful humans. I am proud of their creative team.” 

In addition to BTV and Tea-lation! teas, artists have contributed their art + jewelry to support two non-profits that give back locally + worldwide: 

• Love Out Loud works to transform our community with the love of Jesus and partners with about 250 nonprofit organizations and over 100 faith-groups.

• Heart to Heart strengthens communities through health access, humanitarian development, and crisis relief worldwide.

2020 may have been tough, but as the title of one inspiring BTV song suggests, we will “Do Our Best,” and make 2021 a better year!

Give Santa’s reindeer a break. Let Santa deliver BTV – Beyond The Virus online to loved ones via iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. During this season of cheerful giving, Beyond The Virus gifts of original music, art, jewelry, and teas will give back to others this season + beyond!

Stay tuned by visiting SBBSMusic.wordpress.com and connected with Susan’s music on Facebook: @SBBSMusic.