Meridian Restaurant – Downtown Winston-Salem

Meridian RestaurMeridian Restaurant – Downtown Winston-Salem

By Sarah K Wilson
Recently, I stumbled upon something that changed my relationship with downtown WS. The day I met the owner and chef of the Meridian, I regained a sense of hope and joy in the Triad’s restaurant scene. Mark Grohman breaks the trend of monotony and mediocrity that has settled into far too many restaurants and strives to bring only the best to the table.
Grohman opened his restaurant back in February 2007, with a unique atmosphere that is casual and lowkey, yet sophisticated and refined. Meridian breaks the expectations of formality typically associated with Meridian Restaurant, Downtown Winston-Salem, Eat Localfine foods and has a business casual air to the place. Though the people may be casual, the food is robust, and only created with the highest quality, locally sourced organic ingredients that change seasonally. The menu is updated daily on the Meridian website, depending on inspiration and what is readily available from local farms. Grohman simply and brilliantly only wants the good stuff and believes in sourcing locally rather than importing.
Everything is scratch made in house, no cutting corners, and Grohman draws inspiration from the Mediterranean: Southern France and Northern Italian specifically to bring his passion to life. Even the Meridian Restaurant, Downtown Winston-Salem, Chef Markbread, pasta, cheese, and sausage fall under the rule of “in house only”, and each dish is prepared from start to finish within Meridian walls. The magic in the kitchen bares witness to all with its open concept allowing anyone to peep right in, which yes, is most definitely intentional. The thinking behind the open kitchen is that there are no secrets behind what chef Grohman is bringing to the table, just good honest clean food prepared with full transparency, no deception nor funny business.
Meridian is truly a rarity pioneered with forward-thinking and strong moral that brings a whole different concept to the Triad, which leaves me with the insatiable need to show this gem off to all of my friends while basking in the bragging rights of this treasured find.
Meridian Restaurant is located at 411 Marshall Street SW, Winston-Salem, NC.
Phone 336-722-8889
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