New to the Triad: Triad Trolleys


The novel local folks @ TRIAD TROLLEYS have done it again…. they have launched a unique Trolley Tour for GREENSBORO Visitors & Locals alike! Partnering with awesome information gleamed thru the History Museum and research done by a UNCG In

tern who grew up in Greensboro upon a Street sharing her family name (Lowdermilk), this 2-hour daily Downtown Tour with you on board will explore the following with ticket price dependent upon # in your party:

~ adjacent neighborhoods
~ 4 colleges/universities
~ small businesses
~ big businesses
~unique restaurants
~ multiple breweries
~ at least one cemetery
~ several museums
~ lots of railroad tracks/bridges
~ legendary car dealerships~ terrific music venues
~ competitive swimming
~ etc, etc.

TRIAD TROLLEYS also offers Friday Comedy-BrewPub tours, Hot Dog tours, custom Winery & Distillery t

ours, unique transportation for Events & Weddings, and anything else
that may suit your Visitors, Famil


y, Neighbors, or Co- Worker Group…. with advance reservations & planning! For more information, peek online at or call 336/722-7777 (they almost always will return your phone call).