Old Nick’s Pub – A Community is Born

Old Nick’s Pub – A Community IS BORN   

By Ray Morgan
Four years ago Norman and Jennifer Hill had a vision of a pub where everyone would feel comfortable, a place where folks could connect with each other and enjoy each other’s company whether chatting, playing games or enjoying delicious drinks and trying new things. In December, 2014, they opened the doors on their dream. I caught them on a recent morning to discover what’s happened since.
When I asked about their vision for Old Nick’s Pub, Jennifer replied, “We are a friendly neighborhood bar. That’s our mission in life and why we opened. We w

anted to be a gathering place for the community. Everyone is welcome. We embrace the diversity, whatever the differences are, we ignore those and get to know each other on a personal level. That’s very important to us. Our slogan is “Good Drinks. Good Friends. Good Fun.”
Old Nick’s is focused on special events. They strive to create a fun experience and have held everything from liquor tastings  with appropriate snack pairings to themed parties and fundraisers. They will have a Wild Turkey Tasting (including the new Matthew McConaughey bourbon, Long Branch) coming up on December 7th for only $15 and expect their New Year’s Eve Party to be one to remember with complimentary champagne at midnight!
Their themed parties have proven to be a real hit with the regulars as well as an attraction for new customers. They’ve done a 70’s Party, a Roaring 20’s fundraiser with a restored Model A car out front, Prom Night, Onesie Night where everyone came in their favorite onesie pajamas and even a huge Summer Bar Olympics event, held over the course of 3 weeks. There is discussion of a Winter Olympics version in the next couple of months. There are regular Pool and Dart Leagues and Tournaments, all kinds of games and Wednesday Night Trivia is always a good time. In fact, they won 3 Readers Choice Awards this year for Best Place to throw Darts, Best Pool Hall and Best Trivia Night. Live Music and Karaoke on the weekends rounds out the wide variety of activities you’ll find there. 

I asked Jennifer and Norman how they chose their fundraiser organizations and she informed me that they all come from the patrons. Their Roaring 20’s Night was for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and some of their members had a connection. They’ve worked to raise money for the Humane Society, the Forever is Tomorrow Foundation for Kidney Disease and the Empty Bowls event for the Foodbank because there was a personal tie to each of these great causes. “We know our folks and we are here to support them” Jennifer said. “Community is an important word to us and we like following through with actions that support our community.”

When asked what are the critical success factors at Old Nick’s, Jennifer was quick to answer, “I am so proud of our staff. We’ve had very little turnover. Our manager, Dana, has been with us since Day 1. Holly and Nicole have also been there most of that time too. Others who have left still come back to fill in from time to time. It’s a testament to our staff that we have developed the community we have. They get to know our patrons. When they see a member walk in, it’s not unusual for the bartender to pour their favorite drink even before they make it to the bar! Having such a friendly, consistent staff has been a cornerstone to what we’ve built. Norman pointed out, “To have our staff come and hang out on their time off says something too. They’re not just staff but an important part of our community. They really go the extra mile.” Jennifer added, “Our goal is to offer a little of everything at a higher level. We have a good, wide and varying selection of craft beers. We have a good wine list. We have a broad selection of liquors including a great Bourbon assortment at reasonable prices, some delicious Tequilas and unique Rum. We make a Jalapeno infused Tequila that creates some excellent spicy drinks. We update our specialty cocktail menu twice a year and offer some very interesting and unique drinks. Our signature cocktail, the Black Walnut Old Fashioned is always available.” Norman added, “most importantly, if you ask for it, we will try to make it happen.”

Saturday, December 15th Old Nick’s Pub celebrates their 4th anniversary with a HUGE party featuring Big Daddy Mojo, some cool Old Nick’s Pub bling, drink specials and more! You’ll find

Old Nick’s Pub at 191 Lowes Foods Drive, Lewisville NC or online at www.OldNicksPubNC.com .