Piedmont Club Reinvents the Business Club Experience in Winston-Salem NC


PiedmontClubBar1Piedmont Club Reinvents the Business Club Experience                  By Brian Watkins
The Piedmont Club has been a popular staple in the Triad for building relationships, high end dining, and socializing with friends. This is truer than ever as we get into 2015, with the club having made some exciting changes for members to reinvent the club experience going forward.
Parent company Club Corp is a leader in club management, with over 200 clubs worldwide. This year Club Corp invested in a beautiful series of renovations to modernize the club and better serve its members. As a business hub in the Triad area, modernizing the amenities and private rooms is a useful touch for professionals of all kinds stopping by throughout their day. The private touchdown rooms are all equipped with TVs and video conferencing capabilities — perfect for meetings, presentations, and connecting with other members. These rooms can also be useful for gatherings and personal events; the club has even held weddings in the larger rooms.
The Piedmont Club is proud to welcome a new executive chef, James Gallina. Gallina began his career as a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts, going on to earn Certificates of Completion from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Ritz Escoffier, and LaVarenne of Paris. Chef Gallina has some menu changes planned for 2015, so stay tuned for these exciting new offerings.
Will Lloyd has also joined the club as the new Service Director. Born in Durham, Lloyd graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2002, going on to work at a variety of high end restaurants. In 2009 he received a certification in the Court of Master Sommeliers. This dedication to superior dining service is the perfect complement to a new chef, and the Piedmont Club looks forward to an even better 2015.
For those thinking of becoming members, the club’s new ONE Membership offers a variety of benefits that include:
•    Sky High Sips socials, wine tastings and dinners, and golf league membership
•    Regular business seminars and guest speakers
•    Complimentary birthday dessert and champagne
•    Weekday breakfast and lunch at Chef’s Table for members
•    Access to any other 200 club locations worldwide
The club has always been about fostering relationships, and in adding 350 members this last year has created a new energy that blends the professional with social elements. Breaking bread together is a chance to go beyond traditional networking and build strong partnerships in the community.
Some of the events coming up in 2015 at the club include the Business Forum kickoff, featuring educational networking and a Thursday morning referral group. Guest speakers will also give ongoing presentations during both breakfast and evening programs. Another big one to look out for is the popular Conversations in Leadership series that will continue in 2015. During informal monthly lunches leaders in the community get together to discuss their goals and answer questions others attending the lunch may have. Typically there are 4-5 key leaders in the area, and has included hospital executives, brigadier generals, and significant figures in finance and other industries.
Come check the club out in 2015 for a host of new features for both your professional and personal life. Contact Judy Sutherin for more information at 336-723-7818 or