Senor Bravo An Explosion of Culture and Flavor in Downtown Winston-Salem

Senor Bravo: An Explosion of Culture and Flavor in Downtown Winston-Salem

When the city of Winston-Salem decided to shut down Business 40 more than a year ago to finally do much-needed repairs and rebuilding of the highway, it wasn’t an unexpected event. The city did its best job to try and educate both citizens and business owners alike on the probable impact it would have on downtown businesses. Residents were provided alternate routes to get into the downtown area and were highly encouraged to frequent the small businesses and restaurants whose livelihood depended on their patronage to survive. With three months left until the estimated reopening of the highway, it won’t be a minute too soon for all of us – but especially the businesses and restaurants who have been severely impacted by the closure. Many as you know, couldn’t survive at all.

Sal, who has owned Senor Bravo for 10 years spoke to us about how the closure has impacted his business. Sal knew that there would be a drop in business but had no idea that it was going to be so severe. Senor Bravo is on the side 40 that’s referred to as “SOB40” – south of business 40 and that area of downtown was by far more impacted than the other side largely due to the bridges being removed. Residents just couldn’t seem to understand how to get across without the aid of a bridge (believe me – there are plenty of ways). He’s managed to survive but it’s definitely been a long haul.

What can you expect if you’ve never been to Senor Bravo? If you don’t have the time or the extra cash to slip away to Mexico for sun, fun, amazing food, and tequila then Senor Bravo’s is the closest thing to escaping! The colors and decor are a fiesta for the eyes and the spirit – you immediately are swept away and can almost feel and taste the Mexican culture. 80% of their menu is authentic dishes that you would expect to be served in Mexico, while the other 20% are the traditional items Americans have grown to expect to be offered. Sal calls those items “the combos 1 – 30” or as many of us say “TexMex”. They have an incredible bar menu and

they pride themselves on only using fresh ingredients and that everything is made custom for each drink – no pre-made simple syrup at Senor Bravo!

In addition to the main restaurant, there is also a location on the other side of 40 on Trade Street called simply, “In and Out”. Opened to largely cater to the downtown lunch crowd or anyone just looking for a quick bite to eat, diners are literally in and out in just a few minutes. The menu is much smaller than the mother ship location which is how they’re able to keep the business lunch crowd happy and full. All the items on that menu include a drink with your meal as well as chips and salsa. Looking to save some cash on already inexpensive menu prices? Pay cash and you’ll get a discount!

While everyone may love a margarita, not everyone is a fan of straight-up tequila. Perhaps it’s due to a bad experience (hello, college!) or they’ve never tried the higher-end labels and beginning in February, Senor Bravo is setting out to change that with their tequila tasting dinners. Guests will have the opportunity to sample a variety of quality tequilas and learn from tequila experts about what makes each of them unique. Food will be included and paired with the tequila selection and reservations will be required as the event(s) will be limited to 50-70 guests in order to ensure it’s a great evening for all attending. Price has not been determined yet but Sal expects it to be around the $40 per head range so it’s an affordable experience for all.

If you’re looking for a venue to host a private event – or even a wedding – the space is available to rent. Whether you choose to take over the entire space or just use certain areas of it, the team at Senor Bravo will help you each step of the way. Up to and including your own private DJ – you just need to make your ultimate

party playlist and prepare to dance and eat your night away!

Senor Bravo Mexican Restaurant
241 Marshall St SW

Senor Bravo In & Out
545 Trade St NW