SouthEnd Brews Up Great Beer, On-Site Kitchen & Good Family Time

SouthEnd Brewing Co Brews Up Great Beer, On-Site Kitchen & Good Family Time

by  Rob Ainbinder

South End Brewing Company, located at 117 W. Lewis St. in downtown Greensboro, occupies the expanded and renovated former Gibb’s Hundred location, across the street from Boxcar Bar + Arcade and next door to Fainting Goat Spirits. The 3,000-square-foot taproom has seating, community tables, and private tables for 100 customers.

SouthEnd Brewing is the brainchild of the father & son team of Eric & Seth Kevorkian. Before launching SouthEnd,  Eric was a home brewer for 10 years. But, he says of the transition to SouthEnd, “Homebrewing is fun. But, it does not qualify you to run a brewery. We hired brewmaster William Brown. He is a critical component of what I expect when you have success. So many home homebrewers become professional brewers. Sure. But there’s a journey to getting there. There’s also a lot of other aspects to opening an operating business. We’ve got a team with all those skills, they don’t reside in just one person. It’s a real family effort. As a team. It makes the business stronger. Makes it better.”

This newest addition to the Triad brewing industry, SouthEnd is open with 14 taps, 12 dispensing original brews from brewmaster William Brown and two taps with ciders from outside makers. Brown says he focuses on being “true to style” with each beer he brews.

SouthEnd Brewing seeks to differentiate itself in the local market in several ways, says Seth, “the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that we have on-site, full time kitchen staff. Only one other brewery in Greensboro has food, all the other breweries do a food truck model, which is fine. You get some variety. But plenty of times I’ve gone to breweries and wanted something to eat. If you don’t like what food truck is today then you’re out of luck, also wait time with food trucks tends to be pretty long when it’s crowded. We wanted to have a range of options for people to eat while they’re drinking. The food that we have is intended to be shareables, small plates with flavors that go with our beer. It’s a nice menu.” In addition to the extensive beer and food selections, soft drinks and wine will also be sold.

Seth says of favorite beers, “I like Belgians quite a lot and I’m getting into them this time of year. Stouts, Imperial stouts, you know, heavier and darker. As we get into colder weather. I definitely appreciate those.”

“A lot of people will ask us what kind of beer are you going to, brew? I’m always surprised by that question because as a beer drinker, I like all the beers and there are many styles. And William’s skill and our preference is to be able to offer many styles. When you have 14 taps, why would you limit yourself to the corner of the world of beer? And we offer a nice menu which supports the beer. We’re focused on pairing the food with the beer just makes it a little bit more well rounded of an experience”, Eric said.

In developing the SouthEnd Brewing name, Seth says, “We kicked around a lot of names. Probably over a hundred. Eventually, we landed on SouthEnd, it might sound a little generic, but the impetus was we wanted it to be a community focused business. So the name isn’t about us, it’s about the South End community that we’re a part of which has grown quite a lot in the last few years. It’s turning into a really cool part of town. We wanted to lay some claim to involvement in the development of this community in this neighborhood.”

There’s a lot of reasons to check out South End, but one in particular they’re proud of is the back patio. “We’ve put a lot of investment into turning the 2200 square feet in the back, into our beer garden, an industrial space with a lot of landscaping that makes it feel like a softer green space surrounding a center game area.”

And SouthEnd Brewing’s community involvement extends to other businesses in the South end community including Greensboro’s the Forge. Many of the tables and other things at SouthEnd brewing were designed and built by different members of the Forge. Some of the metalworking, as well as woodworking came from members of the Forge. The team of SouthEnd brewing use their space to showcase the Forge member’s skills. It’s a large space and it has a lot of flexibility in what we can do with events to utilize that.

In the future, SouthEnd Brewing intends to be good partners to charities focused specifically on that issues facing downtown.

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