Tap That Axe For a Good Time!

Tap That Axe For a Good Time! (Tap That Axe Throwing)

by Kristen Margo Daukas

There’s a new game in town that’s turning heads and getting people excited about going out again and that game is axe throwing!

For years, it seemed that if you wanted to go out with a group of friends and do something more than just head out to eat or to the local bar, your options were limited to bowling or miniature golf. And, while I used to love a rousing game of miniature golf with my kids, it wasn’t exactly an activity that got me excited when it came to my adult friends. Bowling is another fun, go-to outing but one look at my scorecard full of gutterballs proved that it’s an activity that I don’t do very well at.

Apparently, Tap That Axe owner, Michael Citro thought the same thing about the lack of things to actually “do” in the area and after visiting one in the Midwest where they were already growing in popularity, upon returning to Winston, began putting the details together to bring an ax-throwing venue to town. Would the concept of throwing axes while having a beer go over here? Judging from the packed cabins on the weekend, that would be a solid yes!

Tap That Axe opened in the Village Square shopping center in Clemmons directly off of Interstate 40 and Lewisville Clemmons Road in April of 2019 and business has been brisk from the beginning. The space is over 5,000 square feet and has 16 targets housed in 8 lanes as well as a private room that can handle up to 24 throwers. You can book your own lane if you have a big group or smaller groups and pairs may be partnered up with another small group if all the lanes are full.

What can you expect the first time you go? First and foremost, don’t be worried if you’ve never thrown an ax because let’s be serious – how many of us have actually thrown an ax? When you get there, you’ll check in with the staff and if you haven’t already filled out your waiver, you’ll do so then. Once everyone’s checked in, you’re assigned to a professional Axepert (you didn’t think you were just going to be handed a bucket of axes and sent on your way, did you?!) – depending on the size of your group, you may have two Axeperts. Your Axepert will spend a lot of time with you and your group going over safety points and then start coaching you on proper throwing techniques. There are two different sized axes you’ll be throwing and they’ll show you proper procedures for both sizes. Once your group has been coached on technique, it’s time for the real fun and games – throwing against each other!

Tap That Axe is a great venue to celebrate special occasions such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and even team-building events turn into something to look forward to! It’s perfect for families – but kids need to be 13 and up in order to throw. The group that I went with this summer had ages that ranged from 14 – 70 (!) and I would remiss if I didn’t tell you that the person who out-threw us all was the young lady who was the 14-year-old and the 70-year-old held her own very well, too. So don’t think that age has anything to do with skill because it’s all in the wrist and the aim!

This past summer, they started a league that’s associated with the World Axe Throwing League. It was a big hit and a fall one was planned which filled up quickly so if that’s of interest to you, make sure you pay attention to their Facebook for winter league sign-ups. Something else to keep an eye on is that there is a very good chance that Michael and his team will have a mobile axe throwing unit very soon… think of it as a “throw on the go”! Talk about a great addition to your next block party or tailgate event!

A few more tidbits about Tap That Axe – Reservations are highly recommended due to the popularity of the sport and the because of that, the lanes fill up quickly especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Closed-toed shoes are a must but if you forget, you do have the option to rent a pair of Crocs so you don’t miss out on the fun. They provide a huge selection of craft beers – largely from NC as well as spiked seltzers and wines in the can. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic offerings as well. They do not have food but you are welcome to bring food in or order in from the many restaurants that are around them.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends or your family and head over for some kick axe fun!!