Woods of Terror open with safety Guidelines

Wow what a year.

COVID-19 has certainly made for a miserable year, but never fear Woods Of Terror is here and we are open.

We have been working with our local and state officials and we have some strict guidelines. But thank goodness we are OK. We will be required to wear a mask and we will be required to take everyone’s temperature. We will be social distancing but we will be open.

My biggest concern this year is to save Halloween for everybody not just Halloween for the first two weeks of October but save Halloween for everybody all the way through the end of October. We can do that by following the state guidelines

We are also running a virtual queue line so when you get to the woods you will be given a QR code that you will scan with your phone. You will then be placed in a virtual queue line and when we are ready for you we will text you and say come on in. So a big part of our social distancing this year will be you waiting in your car in a virtual queue

If you come see us this year which we hope you do. Things will be different but we are getting to open and we will have some fun.

For dates, times, and prices log onto woodsofterror.com and all the information is there. This year when we sell online tickets it will be timed tickets to help with our virtual queue line and social distancing.

Be prepared to wait in your cars to maintain your distance and when you go through the trail it will be in your own social bubble. 

Woods of Terror – 5601 N Church St,  Greensboro, NC